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Skyrim tips!

27 Feb

If you want to improve Smithing, ask Alvor in Riverwood if he needs any help around the forge. He will have you make and improve an iron dagger and hide helmet, all while giving you the necessary materials. You’ll get to keep them afterward too!

Pick up EVERYTHING when exploring caves, etc. You can sell it, which not only makes you money, but increases the speech skill as well.

When using a bow and arrow, use the crosshairs in the middle of your screen as a guide to where the arrow will go.

The hardest frostbite spider you’ll ever have to fight is the one in Bleak Falls Barrow. The rest are fairly easy to defeat.

When you have begun a new game, you will need money and supplies. Bandits are a good source of supplies if you’re just starting out and  fairly easy to defeat

If you have the Hearthfire expansion, making building materials is an easy way to up the smithing skill, which will allow you to make higher level weapons and armor. Just make sure you have plenty of iron ingots.

If you haven’t discovered a hold capital yet and don’t want to walk, you can take a carriage, which are usually available at the stables of some of the bigger hold capitals.

In order to gain access to orc strongholds, you have to gain the orcs’ trust. To do that, you must do a favor for some of them. For example, you can help the blacksmith in Markarth.

If you want to keep excess items, store them somewhere safe, preferrably in a space you own. If you don’t have a house yet, join the College of Winterhold. When you join, you will get your own dorm room If you finish the College of Winterhold quests, you will gain access to the Archmage’s Chambers. Both are great places to store excess items.

Anything you drop stays where you drop it. So, if you want to pick up some items from a body, but don’t have the carrying capacity to carry them, you can drop them and come back to them later.