20 Oct

So, I’ve gotten really into Skyrim and I have noticed the lack of gender roles in it.

Here’s what I mean. Not only can you be either a male or a female and go on the same adventures (it would kind of beat the purpose if your quests were limited if you played a female), but there are female bandits, soldiers, and generals. Since the game looks like it takes place in the Middle Ages, well Earth Middle Ages, this seems a bit unrealistic. But since Skyrim takes place in a fantasy world that ins completely different from Earth, it’s not. It’s a perfectly good excuse t have strong women characters in a game without making it look awkward and unrealistic. 

As for Skyrim, it’s very fun and addicting. It’s easy to spend hours and hours playing it. The graphics are beautiful and the music is amazing. Of course it is more appealing to people who like things from the fantasy genre and the game itself kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings.